Nanyuki Cottage Hospital

Nanyuki Cottage Hospital is a unique Eco-Friendly, Multi-Specialty, low-cost, high-quality Tertiary Care, not for profit Level 5 Hospital at the foothills of Mount Kenya, operating since the 1920s. Being a not for profit organization, we are managed by a volunteering Board and Trustees, working for a charitable cause only and we depend on sponsorships and donations.

The Hospital has revolutionized healthcare provision in the Mount Kenya region. It is 24 hours, Specialty Hospital, we are also pioneers in Assisted living for the elderly in the country. In 2021, we acquired Gundua Health Centre and converted it to 24 Bed Level 4 Hospital. Recently we opened our Satellite Town Clinic to offer high quality yet affordable services to the residents of Nanyuki. The total Bed Capacity of the Nanyuki Cottage Hospital group is currently at 100 and growing every day. We are proud to celebrate 100 years of care & Excellence in the Mount Kenya Region.

Access to good healthcare should be a basic human right but there are gaps in receiving good medical care that is affordable. Inspired by this gap, we have combined our resources to reach out to the community, our primary focus, being a ‘patient first’ hospital across the social strata, we do not want any patients to go without medical aid for lack of finances. We regularly hold medical camps aiming to offer medical procedures to those who need them but cannot afford them. In 2019, we managed to see more than 1200 patients through these camps, in 2020, more than 800 patients benefited through our camps. In 2021, we have managed almost 600 patients through these camps despite the challenges of the pandemic. Further, as part of the 100-year celebration, we created a Needy Patient Fund, a fund that assists members of our community who are in dire need of medical attention but have financial constraints.  As a hospital, our admission requirements are flexible, the financial subsidies and micro tariffs evaluated based on the affordability of our patients so that everyone in the community benefits, without any prejudice. 

Nanyuki Cottage Hospital is committed to transforming into a Carbon Neutral, Eco Hospital. In our commitment, to do so, we have planted 100 new trees around the hospital in 2020 and we have plans to plant 10,000 more trees in the next few years in association with Kenya Forest Services in the community. On the go green initiative, the hospital is on 100% daytime solar power usage, in association with EcoNet/DPA.

Nanyuki Cottage Hospital offers Assisted living for Elderly patients. In our serene facility, elderly people enjoy the best care during their sunset years. From the deluxe rooms to the cottages strategically located in the lush green compound, senior citizens can recuperate in a quiet environment. The highly qualified staff ensures patients receive the highest quality of health services. At Nanyuki Cottage Hospital, quality healthcare indeed meets comfort. The Louise Decker Centre offers its residents a home away from home. The Centre has 16-bed of Capacity private deluxe self-contained rooms. All these serve the elderly with medical or assisted living conditions that require 24-hour supervision. Similarly, there is sustainable housing for the elderly who are independent but still need close medical supervision. The cottages are strategically located along the banks of River Nanyuki, which runs through the facility.

The hospital is committed to controlling the spread of Covid-19 and with the partnership with the MOH/Government; the Hospital has administered more than 10,000 vaccines. For this reason, we have been awarded and recognized as the best private vaccination Centre, in the Mt Kenya region; further, we have been voted as the most compliant organization for data collection and reporting. Finally, we are the only Centre in this region to have zero spoilt vaccines.

The hospital also operates Comprehensive Care Clinic (CCC) in association with the government and NGOs, provide free services to HIV/AIDS patients, we also do outreach programs, provide home health services under this program. We are also recognized as an Epileptic Centre and De-addiction in the region. We also conduct regular Mental Health awareness programs, and currently developing a Child Development Centre to assist the children with disabilities.

Through Nanyuki Cottage Hospital- Gundua Health Centre, we are able to roll out The Linda Mama program for expectant mothers, Edu-Afya program for the School-going children and we are positively contributing to the UHC program.

We recently opened up a state of the art Mortuary, Funeral Home with Postmortem services, possibly the only one of such kind in the country, in association with the local Police authority and with the help of Donors. 

The hospital is accredited by NHIF and all major Insurance companies. We are working on ISO certification and started the initiatives for JCI accreditations. Currently, the hospital is going through a tremendous transformation. We plan to establish a Teaching & Referral Hospital soon with additional investments and growth in Infrastructure, Equipment and Human resources with the help of our donors and well-wishers.

Meet Our Team

Anup Das – CEO


Dr. Abid M. Butt


Dr. Musa Saruti


Dr. Navin C. Raina


Dr Cathlynn D’silva


Radhika Dave


Collins Nudi


Jibbin M. Thomas


Lorna Murungi


Peter K. Ngure


Sarah Ali Dokata


Martin Kariuki


Bijal Mehta


Joash Oywa


Our Team & Organogram

Our Core Values

1. Integrity

We are truthful and honest in all areas of life, both professional and personal lives. When faced with adversity, difficult decisions and hard choices, we always do what is right. Carrying out each action with honesty fosters trustworthiness among each other, with our clients, and in all our dealings with others. We are honest with ourselves and always do what is moral, just, and fair in every situation. Integrity is our foundation and uphold strong ethical and moral principles as essential traits.

2. Excellence

We are determined to serve our customers through innovation, continuous improvement, with intense focus on customer needs and a dedication to meet those needs with a sense of urgency, highest level of professionalism, with continuous learning and efficiency in execution.

3. Respect

We treat everyone with respect, this is one of our most fundamental & important traits in the workplace. Respect for People, Organization, Environment, Resources, Protocols & Policies, respect for our teams, supervisors (Hierarchy), partners, suppliers and most importantly our clients, this allows us to work together, Serve with Compassion and accomplish set goals.

4. Equality, diversity and Inclusion

We emphasize on equality, diversity and inclusion by making sure no one feels left out at work, regardless of their age, ethnicity, gender, culture, language or any other factors. We value every individual and treat them equally; we appreciate the diversity of their thoughts, background, understanding, beliefs. We can foresee the positive benefits it brings to our organization

5. Speed and Simplicity

We always act with Speed and display simplicity in our actions. This helps in creating quick, easy and humbler experiences for our clients, by simplifying processes and providing options to our customers in a calm and composed manner. We use technology to simplify our processes and to take proactive actions to delight our customers.